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It was a pleasure to be asked to do a ladies pamper day at the Mariner care home.

Met lots of lovely clients and staff, it was a fun day for everyone

Auntie Kath all smiles today

Night god bless

Auntie Kath was known to her family as AK , she was a inspiration .She was my first client to demonstrate my portable blow up sink .


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The official opening of Brazley day care centre

19th January 2017

Especially for you hairdressing was honoured to be part of the official opening day at the centre, the mayoress and some of Bolton councillors attended the opening and was welcomed by managers Paula and Stella and their amazing team

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Bolton say care service managers

19th January 2017

Paula and Stella receive a beautiful bouquie to
their hard work.
Service users as well as carers and visiters enjoyed the lovely buffet put on by Stella and her team .
Visitors were able to look around to see what facilities the centre has to offer ,activites , hair salon shower room ,dinning area providing a hot meal

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New Look

19th January 2017

The centre may have ha new building and look ,but it still has a fantastic care team who provide care ,fun and empathy to people who attend wether it be a day a week or 5 day.
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