Meet Sandra  , Sandra will be working along side  me , Sandra has been in the Hairdressing industry

our story

Julie & Sandra

Julie and Sandra have known each other for many years and have worked in the Hairdressing industry for over 30 years taking a brake having a family and pursuing other careers.

Julie started up Especially For You Hairdressing in 2017 specifically tailored made to individual need on giving a service offering time and understanding to clients with mobility problems ,people living with Dementia .

Julie says " I wanted to give a service of Hairdressing in daycare centres to help both the client and the carers needs."

Two salons were opened provided by Bolton Cares and have been a success , but seeing that some of her clients who had been admitted to hospital and had long periods of time not being able to have their hair done Julie decided to approch Royal Bolton Hospital and propose a service to them to help with patients morel . This was greatly welcomed by the trust.

Knowing that I could not do the volume of work on my own I approach Sandra who has worked with clients who have also had complex needs.

We have the same work ethic and very similar back grounds ,we both have a family at home and we met through our husbands being friends ,together we make a great team.